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The Safeguard Iowa Partnership is proud to partner with state and local partners to offer a series of trainings to address incidents of targeted violence.  As events are finalized we will share registration information here.  

Countering Targeted Violence: Utilizing a Threat Assessment and Management Approach for Identifying and Assessing Potential Concerns – The Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center (DOI/FC) utilizes a Threat Assessment and Management approach in addressing potential threats of targeted violence.  Targeted violence entails premeditated violent acts against a known target with an unspecified timeframe for planning and preparation.  Examples of targeted violence include threats to public officials, workplace violence, stalking, assassinations, school shootings, mass shootings, and terrorism.  

This presentation will outline the Threat Assessment and Management process in addressing targeted violence, focusing primarily on identifying individuals that may present a concern for engaging in targeted violence.  The brief will identify warning behaviors that have been associated broadly with targeted acts of violence, providing an explanation of the key indicators of the behaviors and applying them to an array of past acts of targeted violence.  

Join us for our Annual Tabletop exercise.  Details can be found HERE

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Safeguard Iowa Partnership offers a variety of opportunities to our members.  Join today. 


Services within the preparedness program have a  goal to increase prevention and preparedness plans throughout organizations. 

Business Emergency Guides 

This guide will provide steps to respond safely to many different types of emergencies. 

Take 5 Business Continuity Scenarios 

Quick business continuity discussion topics to engage employees and colleagues on your company's plan(s).  


Training, education and exercises make up a majority of our response program. 

Emergency Operations Center Liaisons 

Private-sector representative within local and state emergency operations centers to provide situational awareness and resources support.   

Information Sharing 

Providing updates to our Partners from local, state, regional and federal partners prior, during and after disaster impacting Iowa businesses and communities. 


Resources to assist with the recovery from a disaster that affects your business or organization. 

Disaster Resources

Providing resources that are available to assist in the recovery efforts. 

Business Damage Survey

Online survey to capture disaster impacts to the business community following a disaster.  

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