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1. What is the Business Resource Registry?

The Business Resource Registry, who database will be operated by Safeguard Iowa Partnership, will be a secure, web-based catalog of business resources available in Iowa. It will deliver immediate value and new capability to catalogue physical assets identified by state and local emergency managers as being key to disaster response, such as refrigerated trucks, heavy equipment, warehouse space, temporary house, etc. Included will be detailed contact information about these assets. Businesses can participate by agreeing to register resources for possible use during an emergency - subject to their availability.

The Business Resource Registry will also allow for detailed pre-incident planning by identifying, in advance, substantial private-sector skills and assets to support local and state government emergency response. Because this system is entirely web-based, it can easily by accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any location with Internet access.  

2. Is there a need for the Business Resource Registry?

Yes, the simple fact is that all levels of government would benefit by leveraging private-sector resources in a disaster. In addition to mitigating human suffering, those benefits could range from reducing the costs of response and recovery efforts to more tax revenues resulting from faster economic recovery. Unfortunately disasters happen. Fortunately, critical resource deficiencies don't have to.

The business sector has substantial capabilities and could help address this acute scarcity of resources. While disaster-relief has historically been the responsibility of government and aid organizations, the private sector has been assuming a greater roles. Recent experience has shown that companies can make substantial resources available for disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Not just food, clothing and equipment but also volunteers, services, technical assistance, transportation and logistics management are available from the business sector.

3. Does our company have to be a member of Safeguard Iowa Partnership to register our company's resources?

No, your organization does not have to be a member of Safeguard Iowa. If your organization is interested in strengthening the state's capacity to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters through public-private collaboration sign up to become a partner. It's free and easy to join online at www.safeguardiowa.org/application.

4. Who are the recipients of the resources?

The recipients are typically city, county or state emergency agencies who are responding to the disaster.

5. Is my company committing these resources if listed in the Business Resource Registry?

No, this is a directory of resources including equipment, supplies/materials and personnel. It does not obligate your company to provide the resources during a disaster, it only makes emergency management officials aware of potential resources available for the response and recovery from a disaster.

6. What if at the time of the emergency our company is unable to supply the registered resources?

The Business Resource Registry is a directory of resources available to expedite our community response to a diaster. The goal is through the registry there will be a number of potential organizations to request assistance from. If your organization should be called upon there is no mandate that your organization assist. 

7. Is the information public?

Access to the directory will be available via WebEOC, a secure website available only to approved partners such as Safeguard Iowa Partnership and emergency management officials.

8. What types of resources are needed?

Safeguard Iowa Partnership has worked closely with emergency management officials to identify the Priority Resources for common disasters in Iowa.

9. How is the transfer of resources structured?

Safeguard Iowa will contact you to determine if the resource is available. If your company determines that the resource is available then the logistics including whether the resources will be donated or reimbursement is requested. There will be a close working relationship between Safeguard Iowa and the requesting agency (county or state emergency management).

10. Does our company need a contract to be reimbursed?

This will need to be decided between the two parties involved in the purchase of the resources.

11. Can our company be reimbursed for services or products provided?

Safeguard Iowa Partnership does not reimburse any companies listed in the business resource registry. Safeguard Iowa prefers donations but recognizes that this may not always be feasible. In the event reimbursement is possible, arrangements between the two parties is the responsibility of those parties involved and is not the responsibility of Safeguard Iowa Partnership.

12. How do I register my company's available resources?

There are two ways:

13. Are there immunity provisions for providing emergency aid during disasters?

Iowa has adopted law to protect persons providing emergency aid. Please consult with your legal counsel regarding the protection available to you and your company.

  •  Iowa Code 135.147 Immunity for emergency aid - exceptions.

A person, corporation, or other legal entity, or an employee or agent of such person, corporation, or entity, who, during a public health disaster, in good faith and at the request of or under the direction of the department or the department of public defense renders emergency care or assistance to a victim of the public health disaster shall not be a liable for civil damages for causing the death of or injury to a person, or for damage to property, unless such acts or omissions constitute recklessness.

The immunities provided in this section shall not apply to any person, corporation, or other legal entity, or an employee or agent of such persons, corporation, or entity, whose act or omission caused in whole or in part the public health disaster and who would otherwise be liable therefore. 

  • Senate File 280: An Act relating to Disaster Emergency Assistance Immunity

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Section 1. Section 613.17, subsection 1, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code 2009, is amended to read as follows:

A person, who in good faith renders emergency care or assistance without compensation, shall not be liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions occurring at the place of an emergency or accident or while the person is in transit to or from the emergency or accident or while the person is at or being moved to or from an emergency shelter unless such acts or omissions constitute recklessness or willful and wanton misconduct. An emergency includes, but is not limited to, a disaster as defined in section 29C.2 or the period of time immediately following a disaster for which the governor has issued a proclamation of a disaster emergency pursuant to section 29C.6.

14. Am I considered a government service provider if my product and organization is listed in the Business Resource Registry?

No, this is only a directory of equipment, materials/supplies and personnel which may be available during disasters. You must follow government contracting procedures to be approved as a government service provider.

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